libcsdbg  1.28
C++ exception (and generic) stack trace debug library
string & csdbg::string::append ( const string tail)

Append a string.

[in]tailthe appended string

Definition at line 404 of file string.cpp.

References m_data, m_length, and memalign().

Referenced by csdbg::tracer::addr2line(), append(), csdbg::style::apply(), csdbg::tracer::dump(), csdbg::util::getenv(), csdbg::streambuf::header(), csdbg::parser::highlight(), insert(), operator+=(), csdbg::plugin::resolve(), csdbg::style::to_string(), csdbg::tracer::trace(), and csdbg::filebuf::unique_id().

405 {
406  u32 len = m_length + tail.m_length;
407  memalign(len, true);
408  strcpy(m_data + m_length, tail.m_data);
409  m_length = len;
410  return *this;
411 }
virtual string & memalign(u32, bool=false)
Allocate aligned memory, mandate a minimum buffer size.
Definition: string.cpp:26
i8 * m_data
String data.
Definition: string.hpp:42
unsigned int u32
32-bit unsigned integer
Definition: config.hpp:102
u32 m_length
Character count.
Definition: string.hpp:44

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