libcsdbg  1.28
C++ exception (and generic) stack trace debug library
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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\NcsdbgComplete library namespace
 oCcallThis class represents a program/library runtime function call
 oCchainLightweight, templated, doubly-linked list (using XOR linking)
 oCdictionaryA named collection of words (for syntax highlighters)
 oCexceptionThis class is a throwable with a textual description of an error
 oCfilebufA buffered file output stream
 oCfilterInstrumentation filter
 oCnodeA node in a templated chain (doubly-linked list) or stack (singly-linked LIFO queue)
 oCobjectThis abstract class serves as the root of the class hierarchy tree
 oCparserStack trace parser and syntax highlighter for VT100 terminals
 oCpluginFunction instrumentation plugin
 oCprocessThis class represents a process, its entire namespace and thread group
 oCstackLightweight, templated, singly-linked LIFO queue (stack)
 oCstreambufThis abstract class is the base for all buffered output stream types (for files, sockets, serial interfaces e.t.c)
 oCstringLightweight string buffer class (for ISO-8859-1 text)
 oCsttybufA buffered output stream for serial interfaces
 oCstyleA set of formatting attributes for VT100 (and compatible) terminals
 oCsymbolThis class represents a program/library function symbol
 oCsymtabThis class represents a program/library symbol table (symtab section)
 oCtcpsockbufA buffered TCP/IP socket output stream
 oCthreadThis class represents a thread of execution in the instrumented process
 oCtracerA tracer object is the default interface to libcsdbg for the instrumentation functions and for the library user
 \CutilThis class provides various low level utility and portability methods