libcsdbg  1.28
C++ exception (and generic) stack trace debug library
i32 csdbg::string::cmp ( const string rval,
bool  icase = false 
) const

Compare to another string.

[in]rvalthe compared string
[in]icasetrue to ignore case sensitivity
<0, zero, or >0 if this is respectively less than, equal, or greater than the compared string, lexicographically

Definition at line 470 of file string.cpp.

References m_data, and unlikely.

Referenced by csdbg::tracer::addr2line(), csdbg::parser::highlight(), and csdbg::dictionary::lookup().

471 {
472  if ( unlikely(icase) )
473  return strcasecmp(m_data, rval.m_data);
475  return strcmp(m_data, rval.m_data);
476 }
i8 * m_data
String data.
Definition: string.hpp:42
#define unlikely(expr)
Offer a hint (negative) to the pipeline branch predictor.
Definition: config.hpp:349

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