libcsdbg  1.28
C++ exception (and generic) stack trace debug library
Todo List
Namespace csdbg

Replace strerror with strerror_r

Check const variables

Class csdbg::chain< T >
Implement cached pointers
Class csdbg::filebuf

Recode unique_id to return a new filebuf object

Add a specifier for a fixed length random string to unique_id

Class csdbg::filter
[ ? ] Make the object copyable
Class csdbg::process
Create an object mutex
Class csdbg::streambuf

[ ? ] Implement the udpsockbuf subclass

[ ? ] Add method try_lock

Class csdbg::string
Use std::regex (C++11) class for portability
Class csdbg::tcpsockbuf

Add domain name lookup (getaddrinfo will also resolve IPv4 vs IPv6)

Implement connection drop detection (SO_KEEPALIVE, SIGPIPE)

Fine tune socket options (buffer size, linger, no-delay e.t.c)

Class csdbg::thread
Use std::thread (C++11) class for portability