libcsdbg  1.28
C++ exception (and generic) stack trace debug library
plugin & csdbg::plugin::end ( void *  this_fn,
void *  call_site 
) const

End a function instrumentation.

[in]this_fnthe address of the called function
[in]call_sitethe address that the program counter will return to

Definition at line 316 of file plugin.cpp.

References __D_ASSERT, likely, and m_end.

Referenced by csdbg::__cyg_profile_func_exit().

317 {
318  __D_ASSERT(m_end != NULL);
319  if ( likely(m_end != NULL) )
320  m_end(this_fn, call_site);
322  return const_cast<plugin&> (*this);
323 }
modsym_t m_end
Instrumentation ending callback.
Definition: plugin.hpp:50
#define likely(expr)
Offer a hint (positive) to the pipeline branch predictor.
Definition: config.hpp:344
plugin(const i8 *, const i8 *=NULL)
Object constructor.
Definition: plugin.cpp:44
#define __D_ASSERT(x)
Assertion macro.
Definition: config.hpp:268

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