libcsdbg  1.28
C++ exception (and generic) stack trace debug library
void csdbg::util::dbg_info ( const i8 fmt,

Print an informational debug message on the standard error stream.

[in]fmta printf-style format string
[in]...a variable argument list
Deprecated if debug level is set lower than DBG_LEVEL_HIGH

Definition at line 680 of file util.cpp.

References __D_ASSERT, dbg(), and unlikely.

Referenced by init(), csdbg::dictionary::load_file(), csdbg::parser::on_lib_load(), csdbg::tracer::on_lib_load(), csdbg::parser::on_lib_unload(), csdbg::tracer::on_lib_unload(), csdbg::plugin::operator=(), csdbg::plugin::plugin(), csdbg::symtab::symtab(), and csdbg::plugin::~plugin().

681 {
683  __D_ASSERT(fmt != NULL);
684  if ( unlikely(fmt == NULL) )
685  return;
687  va_list args;
688  va_start(args, fmt);
689  dbg("i", fmt, args);
690 #endif
691 }
static void dbg(const i8 *, const i8 *, va_list)
Print a tagged debug message on the standard error stream.
Definition: util.cpp:641
#define unlikely(expr)
Offer a hint (negative) to the pipeline branch predictor.
Definition: config.hpp:349
#define __D_ASSERT(x)
Assertion macro.
Definition: config.hpp:268

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